Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust: A Second Chance to Invest in Big Multi-Baggers?

Are you interested in the stock market and investing? Do you ever look back at some of the big multi-baggers and think, “If only I had invested earlier?”

Well, you might have a chance to do just that with Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (LSE: SMT) shares.

In this article, we’ll explore why Scottish Mortgage shares are on a hefty discount right now and whether they make a good buy for long-term growth investors.

Think about companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Moderna. These companies all experienced huge growth and made their early investors millionaires.

And while they may not experience the same enormous gains again, they still have the potential to generate big riches for their shareholders.

The best part? Their prices have all slumped recently. Amazon is down 45%, Tesla is down over 50%, and Moderna has lost 66% of its value.

But their earnings have climbed since then, and overall, they might be close to the best value they’ve been in a decade.

When the world’s economies pull themselves out of the current slump, we could see a new bull run for these depressed growth stocks. And that’s where Scottish Mortgage comes in. The trust holds all of these big American growth stocks, and more. Plus, it currently trades on a hefty discount, which means the share price is actually lower than the value of the holdings it represents.

Of course, there is some risk involved. But as they say, risk and reward come hand in hand. And if you’re willing to do your research and accept the risk, you could potentially benefit from the 17% discount on Scottish Mortgage shares.

So why not take a chance and invest in these companies while their prices are low? Who knows, in another 10 years, we might even pocket a bit extra from a potential premium on the value of the assets they hold.


In conclusion, Scottish Mortgage shares might give us a new chance to get in on some of the big multi-baggers that we may have missed out on before.

While there is certainly some risk involved, the potential rewards could be substantial. So if you’re a long-term growth investor and willing to do your research, Scottish Mortgage shares could be worth considering.

Who knows, maybe in another 10 years, you’ll look back and think, “I’m glad I took a chance on Scottish Mortgage.”

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