This Small Investment in McDonald’s 10 Years Ago Could Have Made You Rich

Ten years ago, McDonald’s was a cornerstone of the fast food industry and had a presence in virtually every corner of the globe.

If you’d invested $1,000 in the company a decade ago, you’d have a substantial return on your investment today.

In February 2013, McDonald’s shares traded around $98.

At the time of writing, the share price has risen to around $225, meaning that a $1,000 investment in McDonald’s in 2013 would be worth approximately $2,250 today.

That’s a return of 125% in ten years.

McDonald’s continued to grow in popularity over the years, and its share price has been on an upward trajectory.

The company has consistently reported strong earnings, and its stock has been a favorite among investors.

McDonald’s has also been a leader in the fast food industry, introducing new products and innovations. The company has also been successful in expanding its global presence, with new restaurants opening in countries around the world.

McDonald’s has also managed to stay ahead of its competitors by introducing new menu items and initiatives.

Overall, McDonald’s has been a great investment over the past decade, and those who invested in the company in 2013 have seen their investments skyrocket.

With a 125% return in 10 years, McDonald’s has been a great investment for those who took a chance on the fast food giant.

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