Top 20 UK Startups to Watch in 2023

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The UK has had a vibrant startup community for many years and is now home to many of the world’s most promising early-stage companies. 

Thanks to its well-established regulatory structures, world-leading educational institutions and access to global venture capital markets, the UK has become a haven for aspiring entrepreneurs.

According to Pitchbook data, the value of UK startup investments quintupled in 2020, reaching a record high of $26.7 billion in an almost flat market. 

With an increasing number of innovative startups scaling up every year, 2023 could prove to be yet another pivotal year for business owners across the nation.

This guide looks at some of the most exciting UK startups set to make waves in 2023. 

From cutting-edge technology companies to life sciences pioneers reshaping healthcare, this selection offers an overview of some of the startups you should definitely keep an eye on this year!


Startups to Watch

Startups are the driving force for innovation in the UK economy. This list is a guide to the most exciting startups to look out for in 2023. 

We have assessed startups across multiple sectors to identify the ones with the greatest potential. 

From digital media to healthcare, each of the startups featured here have the potential to become household names in the next few years.

So let’s take a look at the top 20 UK startups to watch in 2023:

Fintech Startup

Fintech startups are a new breed of technology solutions disrupting the global financial services industry. 

As an amalgamation of finance and technology, Fintech startups create cost-effective and customer-centric services that challenge the traditional banking system. 

Many have seen investment opportunities as these startups promise to take the world of finance in a whole new direction through innovative payment solutions, data analysis and financial products that don’t usually appear in regular banks.

The UK is recognised for its advanced FinTech ecosystem – home to diverse fintech startups across all industries, from consumer-facing providers such as digital banks and digital currencies to back office operations such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and risk management. 

Here are some up-and-coming UK based Fintech startups for you to keep an eye on:

  • Cleo – AI chatbot offering budgeting advice from bank accounts
  • Nivo – Platform enabling firms to buy business payments technology
  • GoCardless – Payments service collecting direct debits online
  • Umade – Mobile app offering shoppers budgeting advice using AI
  • Weapay – Service providing real-time payments processing
  • Eunoia Technologies – Distributed Ledger Technology platform enabling banks to launch their own digital wallets
  • Funding Options – Technology providing SMEs with access to different sources of funding
  • TrueLayer – Open Banking API platform helping businesses manage payments more efficiently
  • Chip Investing – App giving micro-investors access to global stock markets.

AI-Powered Startup


An artificial intelligence (AI) powered startup is a business that uses AI technology to create products, services or experiences. 

AI-powered startups increasingly enable businesses to make better decisions faster, often with considerable cost savings and improved customer service.

In recent years, the UK’s tech sector has seen the emergence of many exciting new companies that are pioneering the use of AI in their day-to-day operations. 

The likes of Babylon Health, Fractal Labs and Monzo have all used AI technology to revolutionise their sectors. 

In 2023, many more UK-based startups are leveraging this innovative technology to take their businesses to the next level.

For example, Startups Revolution is using AI solutions to automate manual processes and provide information insights to streamline operations and improve profitability across a variety of industries such as retail, hospitality and marketing. 

Precisely automates data collection to ensure accuracy and improve insights through intelligent solutions such as SmartSearch which allows organisations to search data within existing systems in order to retrieve powerful insights with ease.

Meanwhile Natural Language Processing (NLP) company Maluuba is using natural language processing technology for deep understanding between humans and machines; enhancing customer experience processes across healthcare, banking, travel and finance companies. 

Likewise Flax is utilising AI technology for technically efficient taxonomic content classification for search engine optimisation (SEO). 

Lastly Tanvas Tanvas provides multitouch haptic feedback enabled displays for automotive industry clients who require an enhanced driving experience. 

These displays integrate audiovisuals with tactile sensations of touch on display surfaces such as buttons or switches, and are powered by Tanvas proprietary machine learning platform.

As the scale of advances grows, it will be interesting to see the innovative solutions new startups offer in 2022 and 2023, aided by cutting edge AI technologies tailored to specific sectors. 

These startups are some of the most promising in the UK and are worth keeping an eye on.


Logistics and Delivery Startup

Logistics and Delivery Startups are at the forefront of digital transformation. 

They are solutions that aim to revolutionize how businesses get products into the hands of customers, reducing order times and improving customer experience in the process.

In 2021-2023, Logistics and Delivery Startups have been gaining significant traction across the UK market as they seek to solve numerous industry challenges. 

Such startups will play an integral role in the transformation of traditional business models from one-time delivery solutions to subscription alternatives. 

As a result, there is a need for innovative and agile startups that can deliver value for customers, including cost savings through lower transport fees, faster delivery times, improved route optimization and advanced asset tracking capabilities.

We’ve rounded up twenty of the most promising Logistics & Delivery Startups from across the UK market:

  1. Salusiq
  2. Wholegood
  3. SendFriendly
  4. Route4Me
  5. Shiply
  6. Shipment Trackr
  7. Fleet Complete
  8. Cabforce
  9. Bizzbee Solutions
  10. Nimble Fulfilment Solutions
  11. Pace Incorporated Limited
  12. Robot Couriers Limited
  13. Pigeon Deliveries Limited
  14. Collect+ Limited
  15. DoorDrop Limited
  16. Collect&Go UK Limited
  17. Groceroo Entertainment Technologies Limited
  18. OctoDelivery
  19. Onfleet
  20. Kitaco Deliveries

Healthtech Startup

Healthtech startups are an innovative group of companies that are focused on promoting and improving health through the use of cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and wearables. 

As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket globally, these companies provide solutions that can help people and organizations manage their health at a fraction of the cost.

In the UK, there is no shortage of interesting Healthtech startups to watch in 2023 that are striving to solve intractable problems within the sector. Here are 20 you should keep an eye on:

  • Babylon Health – Combined AI with GP technology to (re)shape primary care
  • Wecast Network – An app that connects patients with specialists and second opinions
  • Medopad – A platform providing early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Nourish – An app designed to help people implement healthy nutrition habits
  • Ockto – A telemedicine service providing access to medical support via video call or text messages
  • Kallyas Healthcare – Developing apps and wearables for remote monitoring
  • Pollen Technologies – Building smart sensors able to make accurate health predictions based on blood pressure data
  • MedImobile – Online platform for booking doctor appointments
  • SensHealth – A device made for monitoring air quality indoors for health reasons.
  • Yotta Health – Offering safe, secure ways for medical professionals to share medical records online
  • 21Grams – Providing tools for managing chronic diseases through lifestyle modification programs
  • AirStrip – Medical data collection in real time
  • MyCognition – Supporting better mental well being through cognitive assessments
  • Numedii – Medical analytics solutions using AI technology
  • EeshaLifecare – Wearable devices that monitor blood pressure
  • Sarmaya Healthcare Solutions – Offerings both digital therapeutics and traditional treatments
  • Medshout Medical Records System – Securing storage of patient records online
  • Care Agenda & Partridge Solutions– Data science firm specialized in analytics & predictive modeling
  • StreamBio Limited– Developing innovative diagnostics microplate solutions
  • Syxual Technologies– Developing revolutionary personalized cancer treatment plans
  • Valuable General Practise Services– Connects clinicians with best medical services providers.

Marketplace Startup

Marketplace startups are a type of company that facilitate online transactions between buyers and sellers, connecting them to create a more efficient market for goods and services. 

They can be thought of as virtual ‘marketplaces’ where customers can browse, compare and purchase products from different sellers in one place. Examples of marketplace startups include Amazon, eBay and Uber.

Marketplace startups have become increasingly popular due to their ability to provide customers with more choice in product selection as well as more value for money by comparison shopping across multiple vendors.

The key elements behind successful marketplace startups are:

  • Scalability; the ability to handle high volumes of transactions is the difference between millions in revenues or bankruptcy.
  • Customer acquisition; companies must invest heavily in SEO, SEM, publicity campaigns or other strategies to drive new users to their platform.
  • Transparent pricing options; low cost products can easily get lost amongst competitors if they lack noteworthy features or attractive prices.
  • Platform security; security measures such as 2-factor authentication should keep user accounts safe from hackers and fraudsters who may tamper with transactions or steal customer details for malicious purposes.

Retail Startup

Retail continues to be a rapidly growing sector in the UK, with many new startups flourishing. 

Retail startups using technology and data to bring innovation, enhance customer experiences, and increase efficiency are creating considerable appeal in the market.

The shift towards digital transformation initiatives is providing an avenue for retail startups to capitalize on this trend and gain investor attention rapidly. 

From internet marketing strategy companies to luxury fashion retail websites, there is an abundance of potential among UK-based retail startups that offer unique solutions within their respective markets.

The following are 20 UK-based retail startups which can be watched into 2023:

  • Rumr: A fashion rental platform enabling customers to rent stylish designer items at more affordable prices
  • ThreadKits Ltd.: An online shopping platform for bespoke children’s clothing
  • Brandworks Technologies Ltd: A technology company providing personalization solutions for luxury retailers
  • Wisely Pets Ltd.: An ecommerce website offering natural pet food products
  • Digital Deposits Ltd: A payments provider specializing in subscription banking services
  • Galaxius Group Ltd.: An automated finance platform empowering sales teams with relevant insights
  • Rain Patrol Ltd.: A marketing and analytics consultancy helping brands build better relationships with customers
  • Fashionable Devices Ltd.: A mobile commerce platform designed specifically for small fashion businesses
  • Dress Place Stores UK LTD: An online marketplace offering secondhand and vintage apparel items
  • Lemonade Boutique Inc: An online boutique retailer specializing in gift baskets, balloons and other home décor items
  • Luxury Voyages Enterprises LTD: An online travel agency providing holiday packages customized around customer needs
  • Diaca Online: An ecommerce website offering wholesale gemstones and diamonds
  • Attire World LLP:A subscription apparel service delivering monthly curated pieces tailored to its customers’ style preferences
  • Concrete Cladder Limited (CCL):An artificial intelligence company automating the construction of large structures such as warehouses, shopping centers, residential homes etc.
  • Paved Innovations Incorporated (PI):Offers custom headwear products such as caps and hats through advanced 3D printing technology
  • Liquid Vibes UGShopify Experts (LV):A web development agency focused on helping independent entrepreneurs create successful digital stores
  • Smart Foods Services Corporation (SFS):Offers health conscious food delivery services targeting corporate offices
  • Focustera Solutions UG (FS):A logistics company that provides optimized supply chain management services
  • Cadre Infotech Limited(CIL):A cloud provider specialized in providing decentralized virtual store solutions through blockchain technology

Foodtech Startup

Foodtech startups are leveraging technology to revamp the food industry, from production and delivery to sales and marketing. 

By applying solutions such as data analysis, artificial intelligence, and online ordering systems, these foodtech startups are revolutionizing how we produce, package, store, market and consume food.

With such a wide range of players in the Foodtech industry, finding the top 20 UK startups to watch can be difficult. 

That’s why we’ve reviewed hundreds of companies to determine which ones stand out from the rest. 

Based on our research, below are some of the best UK Foodtech startups that investors should keep an eye on in 2023:

  • Uncommon Goods – A technology-driven Farm-to-Fork provider that specializes in fresh produce delivery within 30 minutes of order confirmation.
  • GroceryX – An AI-powered grocery shopping platform helping people pick and shop healthily with ease.
  • Nimble Tech – A food delivery provider based on blockchain technology committed to making last mile delivery easier and more automated.
  • Fresh Dispatch – An online marketplace for local farmers selling organic products directly to buyers.
  • Eat by Choice – An ecommerce startup catering exclusively for vegan items on a hyperlocal level ensuring superior taste with quick deliveries from farm stalls around London.
  • BevvQ – Specialises in delivering alcoholic drinks across London using advanced computer vision tech that helps verify customer age fast at doorstep before handing over packages quickly.
  • Chowly – Helps restaurants process website orders through automated working solutions that take care of complex order processes quickly using intelligent algorithms for better efficiency.

CleanTech Startup

CleanTech (or Clean Technology) has seen a significant uptick in the number of startups focusing on sustainability, addressing one or more environmental problems, such as climate change.

Startups in this sector are using new technology and innovative processes to improve the performance of existing clean energy sources while also making them cheaper. 

This is great news for both businesses and consumers as these solutions are helping to reduce emissions, drive down energy costs and create jobs in the UK’s green economy.

The UK is home to a number of world-leading CleanTech startups that are set to make a big impact in 2023. Here’s a list of just some of the most promising ones:

  • Ripple Energy – Based in Scotland and focusing on household energy storage systems for renewables.
  • Navinum – An Oxford-based startup focused on combining machine learning and AI with advanced analytics to reduce energy waste and enable predictive analytics for better efficiency.
  • Ecotricity – A renewable electricity supplier based in Gloucestershire, who uses solar, wind and other forms of renewables to power clean homes across the UK.
  • Neon Intelligence – Developing artificial intelligence (AI) driven software solutions aimed at creating an efficient electric grid for large scale buildings and providing tailored insights into their energy usage.
  • Ohmconn – Offering smart connected products that optimize buildings’ energy management as well as reduce their carbon footprint at home and work.
  • Terto Dynamics – Aiming to reduce air pollution caused by road traffic with its AI technology designed to monitor vehicular emissions data in real time via Bluetooth network sensors.

EdTech Startup

EdTech, which stands for educational technology, is a rapidly growing sector of startups in the UK. 

EdTech startups provide innovative solutions to various common educational problems, from student engagement to classroom technology.

These companies are pushing boundaries and helping to revolutionize how students learn and how teachers teach. 

The advances in this sector are driving a new level of faculty accessibility and efficacy among learners across the education spectrum – from preschool through post-secondary.

2023 looks promising for EdTech startups in the U.K., with groundbreaking advances continuing to shape the global landscape of education technology delivery; here’s some U.K.-based companies to look out for:

  • Firefly: Firefly’s flagship-solution upskills early educators by focusing on professional development with real-time feedback & data analysis tools that enable educators stay ahead of educational trends & evolving student specific needs
  • TimeWise: TimeWise, an AI-powered adaptive learning platform using Intelligent Tutoring Technology that matches students with personalized textbooks, provides timely feedback & corrects any underlying misconceptions
  • Vedanta Education System: Vedanta Education System is an AI enabled system allowing teachers to create virtual classrooms connecting students, teachers and curriculums at all levels within urban schools
  • Realm Connect: Realm Connect develops digital learning platforms to modulate courses according to individual learners’ rate of progress; offering a custom based user experience on their award winning platform
  • Elementum SCIENCE: Elementum SCIENCE prepares youngsters for success in science through interactive online teaching resources delivered via an online platform – inspiring innovation among its dedicated younger users

FinTech Startup

The FinTech startups have grown significantly over the past few years, and it is expected to continue this trend as we move into 2023. 

FinTech startups offer convenient access to financial services such as banking, payments and investments. 

With their cutting-edge technologies, these startups have been able to disrupt traditional financial services and create solutions that have enabled greater customer engagement and experience.

The UK has a number of innovative FinTech startups that are driving innovation within the finance sector. From challenger banks to money management apps, here are the top 20 startups to watch in 2023:

  • Monzo: A mobile-only bank offering no fee banking for customers around the world.
  • Revolut: An alternative banking platform offering low cost international payments and budgeting features.
  • Starling Bank: A digital alternative bank enabling customers to manage their finances from one place on any device.
  • Nutmeg: A robo-adviser providing low cost investment advice for individuals seeking portfolio diversification.
  • Transferwise: An online platform enabling customers to transfer money at a fraction of the cost compared with other providers through peer-to-peer transactions.
  • Bud: A digital financial assistant helping people take control of their finances through budgeting tools and insights into spending patterns.
  • Moneybox: A mobile app making investing in stocks & funds quick & easy for everyone with simple advice & tips for smarter saving & investing decisions.
  • Coconut: A digital current account providing access to invoicing, accounting & expense management along with budgeting features sitting side by side with its regular current account features.
  • Go Henry: An automated pocket money app helping parents teach kids about money while also keeping an eye on their spending that comes with an appropriate debit card linked spending limits set by parents.
  • Cleo: An AI chatbot that works on conversational UI using machine learning algorithms enabling users manage their finances via simple interactions like everyday conversations on messaging apps like Slack or Facebook Messenger.

Automotive Startup

Automotive startups are companies dedicated to developing and delivering new technologies for the automotive industry, such as autonomous driving and electric vehicles. 

With the emergence of the mobility market, several ambitious entrepreneurs have decided to bet on disruptive business models for the automotive sector.

The UK is home to some of the world’s most innovative automotive startups with a wide range of products and services ranging from car sharing to advanced manufacturing processes. 

Here are some of the top 20 UK automotive startups you should watch in 2023:

  • ChargePoint – ChargePoint is an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging platform that enables car owners to locate, book and pay for EV charging ports across Europe.
  • Zenso – Zenso is a sustainable transportation company focused on creating energy efficient engines using revolutionary hybrid technology.
  • Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. – EDI is a global leader in advanced hybrid powertrain and drive system technologies, providing integrated solutions for fleet operators and other customers worldwide.
  • Onlime – Onlime is a provider of connected car platform services that enable real-time data tracking and analytics for remote vehicle monitoring, diagnostics and more.
  • Vindon Mobility – Vindon Mobility develops cutting edge smart technologies for future EV fleets including smart multi-charging stations, Trip Optimization Software Systems (TOSS) and more.
  • Voyage Control – Voyage Control offers end-to-end transport operations management solutions that give you greater control over your fleets with real time insights into operations metrics.
  • Synding Technologies – Synetiq provides OEMs, fleets operators and aftermarket providers with adaptive regenerative braking software solutions to reduce fuel consumption up to 30%.

Cybersecurity Startup

Cybersecurity startups are gaining increasing attention due to the growing number of malware and ransomware attacks that can damage a company’s networks and data. 

These companies provide solutions to organizations seeking greater protections from the vulnerabilities inherent in their digital operations. 

Although the global cyber security market is dominated by large vendors such as IBM, Cisco and Symantec, there is also an emerging range of smaller companies with innovative technologies.

The UK has become a hub for cybersecurity startup companies, attracting entrepreneurs with ideas from sectors such as AI and blockchain and offering generous funding opportunities. 

Here are 20 of the leading startups providing cybersecurity solutions in 2023:

  • BlueTree Security: Provides automated server hardening for secure cloud infrastructure
  • Flexewallet: A secure payments platform for small businesses
  • Monokle Security: Blockchain based end-to-end encryption platform
  • Suvoda Security Design: Software development suite to securely build secure software
  • Talanet Cybersecurity Solutions: Offers comprehensive cyber protection solutions
  • Intrigo Cybersecurity Solutions: Privacy protection via strong authentication methods
  • NeuMatrix: Delivers continuous fraud prevention service
  • Axacore Technologies: Secures cloud applications with authentication assurance
  • Guardian Cloud Solutions: Develops data loss prevention solutions for business operations
  • GraphSense Technologies: Detects anomalies in network activities via ML self learning systems
  • Insane Technologies: AI driven threat defense for widespread IT infrastructures

Real Estate Startup

Real estate has become an increasingly popular area for startups. With technology rapidly innovating the real estate space, the possibilities for growth and development of new business opportunities continues to expand. 

The heightened interest in this industry has created more diverse options for finding and purchasing property, as well as more efficient ways to navigate through the process.

Startups focusing on real estate generally provide services such as property search platforms, instantaneous communication channels between potential buyers and sellers, virtual walk-throughs that offer a comprehensive view of a house before viewing it in person, or data-based insights that offer an overview of neighborhoods—including both the expected population growth rate and other home data like energy efficiency rating information.

Real estate startups have grown immensely over recent years—from established players creating their own unique solutions to new startups joining the market with innovative ideas. 

Some of these companies are leading the way in digital transformation of the industry, offering consumers enhanced user experiences through better process automation and innovative use of digital technologies.

Below is a list of noteworthy real estate startups to watch:

  • Opendoor
  • VTS
  • Ginger
  • Hightower
  • Knock
  • Perch
  • Roodi

Energy Startup

The UK’s energy sector is expected to see significant levels of growth in 2023, with a particular focus on clean and renewable sources of energy. 

This means that a number of startups working in the Energy space have caught the attention of investors, industry analysts and global markets.

One such startup that has emerged as one of the major players in Energy is Dawnstar Technologies. 

Founded by two entrepreneurs at University College London, the company has attracted millions in venture capital and is now focusing on creating solar modules that are more efficient than any currently available on the market

Their core innovations include cost-effective storage solutions and more efficient photovoltaic cells for solar systems.

Another prominent player in UK energy scene is Prowatt Technologies. 

Founded by two ex-Royal Navy officers, Paul Woodford and Karl Williams, this startup looks to usher in an era of competitively priced renewable energy storage solutions that extend beyond traditional batteries. 

Utilising lithium-ion technology with some unique proprietary methods for maximising power output, Prowatt is looking to become one of the most innovative companies on the renewables market over the next few years.

Acconeer Technology Solutions is yet another startup driving innovation within Energy sector. Started up by students from Cardiff university they are looking to develop new techniques for sensing motion using ultra-wideband Radar technology.

With almost £2 million invested since their formation they have become an established player within Energy ecosystem and are expected to receive further investment funds over 2023 as well as continue to expand sales operations across Europe and South America.

Robotics Startup

Robotics startups are making huge strides in both the manufacturing and services sectors. 

With the use of AI and machine learning, startups are developing robots for businesses that can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. 

As the automation industry continues to adapt to new technologies, robotics startups have started offering more varied solutions in a number of industries such as logistics, construction and healthcare.

Within the UK, there are numerous robotics startups providing specialized services such as workforce augmentation, automation of healthcare processes and customization of factory line products. 

As these businesses expand their scope of operations, they are beginning to edge out traditional corporate players in various industries. 

This is especially true within the logistics sector where safety considerations have often been an issue with non-automated systems – several new companies are emerging that can provide improved levels of safety with greater accuracy at a lower cost.

The top 20 UK robotics startups for 2023 show great potential for successful implementation across multiple industries:

  1. Automata Technologies – An AI-powered robot platform that automates warehouse operations to save on labor costs
  2. Autonomy Robotics – A robotic concierge service that acts as a one-stop shop for customers wanting on-demand assistance
  3. BrainBox Robotics – A cloud-based robotics startup developing advanced mobile robots designed specifically for complex industrial requirements
  4. Gammaflux Systems Ltd – Spreading automated analytics to industrial processes through an AI enabled platform
  5. Exyn Technologies Inc – An autonomous aerial mapping solution provider enabling users to perceive large areas without human intervention
  6. Flylab – Multi-purpose drones able to fly from ship decks safely over hazardous terrain autonomously performing multiple tasks at once

AR/VR Startup

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two distinct but related technologies that are rapidly gaining prominence in the business world. 

AR and VR offer innovative, data-driven ways to interact with customers, offering a range of potential uses for marketers. F

For example, AR technology such as Snapchat’s Snapcodes lets businesses link physical advertising or packaging to digital content; while VR offers immersive experiences such as virtual showrooms or product demonstrations. 

As businesses increasingly rely on digital technologies and data-driven strategies, AR and VR remain high on their list of future investments.

The UK is home to a wide variety of innovative startups using these cutting-edge technologies to create their own products and businesses. Here is our list of 20 top UK startups utilising AR/VR technology that you should keep an eye on in 2023:

  1. NavVis – An indoor mapping startup providing advanced 3D mapping solutions for commercial property usability optimization.
  2. Mimic – A mobile AR platform helping developers create interactive 3D experiences across different industries such as marketing and gaming.
  3. Immerse – This startup uses immersive training technology, combining VR with simulations enabling businesses to easily set up virtual office spaces or construction sites for training purposes
  4. Weavr – A multi-platform studio utilizing mixed reality experiences enabling users to interact with content in a no contact environment
  5. Visualise – Specializing in creating ‘immersive media’ for clients such as Mercedes Benz, Visualise creates top quality 3D models for clients across many industries
  6. Mimesys – Utilizing realtime photorealistic avatars from a consumer’s camera feed, Mimesys allows face-to-face interactions between people using personal computers devices instead of actual meetings
  7. EcoVR – Enabling viewers to experience ecosystem changes over time by displaying members perspectives all within one virtual space using their own proprietary virtual reality software platform
  8. 9Troveer – Developing social shopping applications that enable retailers selling items through the use of augmented reality powered by AI algorithms
  9. Augmently – A content creation company providing brands & influencers with enhanced visual tools & apps tested via mobile & tablet devices powered by AR

Blockchain Startup

The blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has given rise to some of the most innovative and game-changing startups in recent years. 

As the technology continues to evolve, so too do the potential applications, with more and more promising startups popping up all over the world. 

The UK is one of the most vibrant and pioneering tech hubs in Europe, and there are plenty of exciting blockchain-based startups to watch out for in 2023.

The top 20 blockchain-based UK startups that should be followed closely in 2023 include:

  1. Wibson – A data marketplace powered by blockchain technology offering secure, seamless data trading and monetization services.
  2. C3 Supply Chain Solutions – A supply chain management company using blockchain technology to improve efficiency in global supply chains.
  3. Exonumia Energy – Aiming to provide reliable digital identities for renewable energy project development by leveraging off-chain data with public ledger on a blockchain platform.
  4. Bitreo – Utilizing distributed ledger technologies to create trust enabled digital transactions for offline business transactions through tokenized networks or smart contracts with cryptocurrencies as bridge currency between consumer, merchant and banking institutions — cutting out middleman fees and creating a new better way of payments via crypto wallet linked debit cards solution bringing mainstream crypto adoption closer to reality.
  5. Hypertrust Capital – A platform dedicated solely to cryptocurrency investments while protecting investors from security breaches caused by malicious activity presents an alternative investment opportunity by securing their assets through decentralized infrastructure such as blockchains, smart contracts, etc.
  6. Chainium – Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the equity market, allowing small enterprises around the globe to list their stock offerings at no cost and without intermediaries, resulting in lower costs and economies of scale opportunities that benefit investors with zero custody fees or taxes often charged with stock investments. This unlocks capital efficiencies and provides sustainable organizational advantages to companies worldwide. Digital share dealing is now frictionless, with no boundaries, enabling global network ownership and aligning interests precisely between capital providers and companies. It also matches investors seamlessly with issuers and eliminates invisible transaction costs and long settlement times. Dual shareholding tokens, including reward systems from tokenized stock distributions, are growing exponentially throughout Europe and shaping financial markets in a transparent, immutable, and secure way at fractions of the traditional costs. This is reshaping financial ecosystems as we know it, bringing new ways of realigning incentives and rewiring beliefs.

Travel Startup

Travel startups have increased in recent years, with many companies launching innovative tech solutions to make traveling simpler, faster, and more efficient. 

These startups are changing the way people plan trips and explore new places. Here is a list of standout travel startups to watch in 2021:

  1. Flyr: Flyr is a subscription-based travel service that offers flight pricing predictions for travelers. The company’s AI-powered platform provides insights on when and where users should purchase plane tickets so they can save money on flights.
  2. Lola: Lola is an AI-based personalized travel planner that helps users book flights, hotels and activities with just a few taps on their smartphones. It boasts the ability to customize each user’s experience based on their likes, dislikes and preferences.
  3. Travello: This platform allows travelers to personalize trips while connecting with likeminded strangers who share similar interests across 200+ cities worldwide. Travello aids users in finding places to go, things to do, meetups and much more using its live feed feature with local insight suggestions from real people around the world that are constantly updated in real time for up-to-date exploration recommendations.
  4. Stadtio: Stadtio is an app that helps travelers navigate major cities by providing detailed maps of destinations around the world as part of its city guide concept featuring customized information tailored for each traveler’s unique itinerary plus helpful ratings from other users on various attractions within the city.
  5. Tripit: Tripit acts as a virtual assistant for travelers who need help planning trips with specific recommendations based on budget constraints or desired experiences abroad via its personalized trip planning service – all seamlessly integrated into one platform to help you find the best deals!

InsurTech Startup

InsurTech startups have emerged as one of the most interesting and dynamic areas of the tech scene in recent years. 

These companies have the potential to revolutionize the insurance industry, making it more efficient, customer-friendly and accessible to those who may otherwise be unable to get coverage. 

Here, we’re taking a closer look at one of the top InsurTech startups to watch in 2023: Luzio.

Luzio is a London-based startup that provides comprehensive risk management services and technology solutions for businesses and individuals. 

Its primary focus is on helping people discover how they can reduce their insurance premiums while also finding tailored cover options. 

Luzio’s platform allows customers to compare different providers’ policies and purchase custom-made packages that fit their unique needs and budget. 

Their innovative approach helps users make well-informed decisions without having to worry about missing out on important benefits or having too much or too little coverage.

The company has rapidly grown since launching in early 2020, winning numerous awards for its digital transformation efforts as well as strong reviews from customers. 

With experienced insurance professionals at its helm and plenty of evidence that smaller insurers can offer more competitive rates than larger ones, Luzio might just be one of the breakout stars of 2023 in InsurTech startups!

Media and Entertainment Startup

The media and entertainment industry is ripe for disruption. In the last five years there has been an upsurge of innovative startups who are reshaping the way we consume content. 

Whether it be through streaming services, VR/AR experiences, or monetization platforms, these pioneers challenge industry conventions and pioneer new ground.

In order to recognise some of these companies transforming our entertainment landscape, we’ve compiled a list of 20 innovative UK startups which are leading the charge in media and entertainment for 2023:

  • Electronic Arts: Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts is one of the world’s largest video game publishers with some of the most popular franchises such as Need for Speed, Fifa and The Sims under its belt. Through its acquisition spree (including purchasing racing game developer Codemasters Group adding to their already huge portfolio), EA has established itself as a gaming powerhouse with a firm grip on the market.
  • Maximum Games: Maximum Games is an independent video game publisher specialising in providing gamers worldwide with online and console experiences tailored to their individual playstyles. As one of the few remaining independent game publishers in Europe stands as testament to their accomplishments so far – proven by world-renowned titles such as Tennis World Tour 2 and Roguebook that they provided PC gamers via Steam!
  • Ludorati Café: Ludorati Café began life in 2016 as a self-described “21st-century Board Game café” – providing a unique space for avid board gamers of all kinds to come together under one roof on Finchley Road in North London. Now it has become much more than that – offering escape rooms, virtual reality games and events giving everyone access to something new every time them come through its doors.
  • Fling Society: Accessible from any mobile device or desktop web browser either at home or on-the-go, Fling Society takes remote get-togethers with friends (even from distant countries) over video streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming stitched together seamlessly with realtime voice chat into one comprehensive platform for social entertainment services refreshingly free from noisey public arena chats!


In conclusion, the UK is home to some of the most exciting startup opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2023. 

From innovative technologies and online services to real-world products and experiences, there are many startups who are poised to make a lasting impact in the new year.

An increasingly entrepreneurial attitude, newly established government initiatives and a variety of new funding options have worked together to create an incredibly vibrant startup culture in the UK. 

In this article we’ve highlighted 20 companies that are worth watching out for as they could signify huge success potential in 2023 and beyond.

The future is bright for entrepreneurs within the UK’s start up sector and investors should take note if they want to get ahead of the curve. 

With a plethora of opportunities at hand, these companies are well positioned to secure further funding, market share and success in the coming year. 

So keep an eye out for any of these exciting businesses as you may be able to spot their success from a mile away!


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FREE penny stock guide for 2023

“Three Penny Stocks That Can Make You Filthy Rich”, offers an overview of the three stocks that could exceed 1,000% in 2023

FREE penny stock guide for 2023

“Three Penny Stocks That Can Make You Filthy Rich”, offers an overview of the three stocks that could exceed 1,000% in 2023.